The Benefits of Cloth Nappies

The Benefits of Cloth Nappies

To be more Eco Friendly

Around 3% of household waste in the UK alone yearly is from single-use nappies, and a staggering four to six thousand single use nappies will be used on one baby by the time they potty-train. (Charity Wrap) Using reusables reduces landfill and the pollution of harmful chemicals exposed as a result of landfill from chemical reactions, such as methane and carbon dioxide. Any switch to disposable be it part time or full time is an accomplishment. After all, just 1 cloth nappy used each day is 365 single use nappies saved from landfill per year.   


There is a welcoming community across several social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc. You (like us) may even meet a local cloth bum parent and make a friend for life!

Many Nappy Libraries/Workshops set up monthly meet ups in play cafes for example too, so definitely search your local area. 

To Save Money

In Example:

We reccomend aiming for 20-25 day nappies to use cloth full time on one child during the day (out of Newborn stage).

The upper 25 × Cherrybottoms Pockets/Bamboo Cotton = £438.75. **Newsletter sign up 10% off.

The average potty trained baby goes through 4000 to 6000 single use nappies.

Using the upper 6000 premium disposable nappies at an average of 16p/Disposable Nappy means an estimated £960 on single-use nappies.

Using cloth could save you an estimated £521.25 with these figures, and even more if re-used for subsequent children, and/or the reusables are sold on preloved.


Wearable Artwork 

We commision Artists from all around the world to create our patterns printed onto our products, or to use existing Artwork from Artists which fits with our Brand. Most recently, Finland with Artist @saramaria_dsgn. 

Artists have a huge involvement in our business and we love supporting their creativity! It also means a fun and bright way to cloth nappy your little one's.

No Chemicals 

Cherrybottoms Cloth Nappies are made from Oeko-Tex 100 Standard PUL outer (to keep wetness in), this ensures they have been tested and are free from nasty chemicals,  so no worrying about what you are placing next to your babies skin. 

Our aborbency is based on natural materials such as Bamboo and Cotton. 


No Emergency shopping for disposable!

No last minute dashes to the shop when you get to the 'last nappy' as you can just wash, change, repeat. A great positive whether you use full-time or part-time reusables. 

This was especially handy during the COVID-19 pandemic when panic buying of disposable nappies happened!


Why Cherrybottoms? 

Cherrybottoms is a UK family owned bussiness. Our Award winning Cloth Nappies come in fun prints featuring double gussets for maximum containment, with a silky soft outer water resistant layer providing a fuss free cloth nappy journey for you and your family. We are always here to support you along the way. 

Charity Print - Burgundy Fall.

Looking to get started with cloth? 

View our New to Cloth Page.

Can you think of any other positives that we've missed? Comment below.

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