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Cherrybottoms Medium Wetbag

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Soft and double lined with PUL for maximum containment, this wet bag has two zipper compartments. 
It features two strap handles, which can popper over rails, pram handles, or hang on hooks. You can also use the poppers to create a 'handbag' hold. 
Use for storing clean/soiled:
  • Nappies/Pants
  • Wipes
  • CSP
  • Clothes
Our Medium Wet Bag fits around 5 nappies.
All our Wet Bags are Oeko Tex 100 Standard PUL.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Feels really durable, the double layer pul makes a big difference and the colours are so vibrant ♥️

Faye Brown
Excellent quality

We love our Cherrybottoms wetbag! We use it as a pram bag and it's excellent for putting purse, phone, wipes, toys, dummies, snacks etc. All the things you need to hand quickly when out and about with babies and small children. It's double lined, really good quality PUL. Strong, with two poppered straps to hang it on the pushchair handle. Would definitely recommend.

Miranda Stamp
An excellent multi-purpose wetbag.

I was very kindly sent a Cherrybottoms bag to evaluate. I have no affiliation with the company, other than potentially stocking at Twinkleontheweb - if they do decide to take on stockists (undecided), then yes please I'd definitely stock this one.
Being a light traveller, the 29 wide x32 cm deep approx bag is double lined, ideal for a weekend camp if not for nappies. The outer is good quality PUL with an inner PUL layer, with all the seams beautifully double stitched and a zip fastening. The main bag would take up to 5 nappies has a separate zipped pocket on the front, about 21 deep x29 cm wide, which was great for toiletries, etc, and is also double lined. The seam of the outer bag is turned so isn't actually the base of the bag, and thus also has only one line of stitching giving strength and I imagine prevents leaks.
I used this for my microfibre velour travel towel quite sodden after my shower, & put wet in the bag. It did not leak, even though I forgot to retrieve it for hours.
The only thing I'd change is actually your website (not the bag) - it does not give measurements! (sorry I forgot to measure the strap length). One thing you might consider is changing the straps so they popper on both ends, this could give the option of poppering both straps together and fastening one end on one side onto the diagonally opposite popper the other side to use as a shoulder bag if no pram.
All in all an excellent, versatile multi-purpose wet bag. Highly recommend. Well done Mel!

Hi Miranda, thank you for your lovely review and feedback! Glad to hear you are enjoying using our wet bag on camping trips! Mel

Chloe Fielder
Perfect Wetbag

We have used our cherrybottoms puffin dive wet bag for over a week now. It is honestly the best wet bag I’ve ever come across. I love that it has two handles instead of just one so I can hang it on to many things more easily! It also has two zip openings so great for separating dirty nappies with say dirty clothes! I love how sturdy it is, the PUL is so soft but so thick and sturdy! I send it to the childminders and even she commented on how nice it was. It’s a 10/10 for me and I will be ordering another one for sure. Thanks cherrybottoms ❤️