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Value Pack 10 Pockets

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Choose Between

1. TEN 'Call Of The Wild'.

2. TEN 'Royal Ferns' Minky.

3. FIVE 'Royal Ferns' Minky / FIVE 'Call Of The Wild'.

All complete with their Bamboo Cotton Insert Set.

Our Pocket Nappies boast 8 layers of natural absorbency split between 2 inserts which snap together for ease of prep/stuffing. With a staydry feel layer of Athletic Wicking Jersey against babies bottom also providing a gentle internal double gusset to contain leaks. 


One Size with adjustable popper system, to fit an estimated 8lb-35lb. 

Wash Instructions

1. After use, shake off any solids or use a water sprayer for stubborn messes!
2.Store in a dry pail (wet bag, nappy bucket without soaking).
3.After 2 days put all cloth nappies and/or wipes into your washing machine and give a rinse through cycle (at least 30 minutes). 
4. Full Cycle Wash of ideally at least 2 hours on 40° reccomended, or up to 60°. 
5. Line Dry.

Any other questions?

Check out our website info, if it's not there, or you need some guidance, then give us an email 

What's A Pocket Nappy?

Our Pocket Nappies consist of a PUL (smooth & soft) or PUL Minky (softer, almost fluffy texture) which are a breathable water resistant material to keep wetness in. This is Oeko-Tex 100 Standard so free from any nasties. An opening of the inner lining creates a 'pocket' to put inserts (absorbency) inside. The absorbency with our value packs is our Bamboo Cotton Inserts which work great for all ages!


The Value Pack is excluded from any discounts or promotional offers. This is limited to stock and the Value Pack will be removed once unavailable.