Fit & Care Guide for Reusable Nappies/Wet Bags

How do I fit Cherrybottoms Reusable Nappies? 
1. Adjust the nappy rise to fit your baby (using the 4 popper rows on the front, unopened rise being the biggest).

2. Stuff the absorbent Inserts into the pocket if using a Pocket Nappy. 

3. Place the back of the nappy above babies bum crack, and then pull over the front, squeezing the middle into the knicker line, to fasten below the belly button.

4. Make sure the rise material is pushed up, going toward the belly button when on, to tighten the legs.

5. Fasten the stability popper each side if your using the Pocket, All In One, or Wrap, and finish by fastening the waist tab poppers.

All done!

No stay dry liner needed with our All In One, Pocket Nappy or Fitted Nappy; as the lining is athletic wicking jersey which wicks moisture away from babies bottom helping them feel dryer longer.

Video on our YouTube, here to see The Pocket Demo. 


If you buy our additional booster, snap it to the standard insert set by using the bottom snaps, or switch it in to replace one Bamboo Cotton if you prefer this combo.

Visual Guide for the Snap In Bamboo Booster here

What do I do when it's time to change?

If the nappy is soiled then shake or spray (if using a bidet attachment) into the loo, unstuff the pocket, and then dry pail in a nappy bucket or wet bag until wash day.

If it's just a wet nappy, then you can unstuff the pocket and place into dry pail straight away.

Wash every 2nd to 3rd day maximum.

Stretch out and re-shape any natural material boosters before line drying.

How do I wash my nappies?

1. Dry Pail (this is to store dirty nappies after removing any poo inside a bucket or wet bag without soaking. We do not recommend soaking to give the best longevity of PUL/elastics/general materials).

2. Pre-rinse your Nappies on wash day, for at least 30 minutes (to rinse wee away and remove dirty water for the main wash). 

3. New main wash cycle at 40° or 60° maximum which is at least 2 hours long. Use washing powder. The machine should be about 3/4 full.

4. Line drying is recommended. 


Care for Nappies

Do not bleach - Do not use softeners  - Do not use barrier creams without a liner  - Do not wash with dark colours - Do not tumble dry the cover - Tumble dry boosters on low only if needed (please be aware this could reduce life span) - Do not place on direct heat sources to dry.

Please note washing continuously at 60° could mean the overall life span of your nappies is shortened due to the natural wear and tear created by washing. Our Warranty period is covered for 60° washes. 

 How much washing powder should I use?

This depends on your machines drum size, and how hard the water is in your local area. 

You should go by the guide on the side of your washing powder. 

PUL Wet bag Wash Instructions:

Wash once soiled, at 40 degrees (recommended) with washing powder, or 60 degrees maximum. Please be aware washing at 60 could reduce the overall life span of your wet bags. 

PUL Wet Bag Care Instructions:

Do not bleach - Do not use softeners - Do not wash with dark colours - Do not tumble dry - Do not place on direct heat sources to dry. 


Save A Photo Guide for Using Reusable Nappies: Hold down on the photo and save image. 


Clean your washing machine once a month:
Wipe the washer drawer, in the seals, and empty the filter. 
Hot wash empty. 
Cleaning your machine monthly means the washer will continue to clean your laundry efficiently for you! 
For care guides for Cloth Sanitary Pads or Reusable Wipes head to their Product Page.