Cloth Sanitary Pad FAQ'S

CSP Questions Answered

My CSP is stained, how do I clean them?
Rinse through your CSP as soon as possible until the water is running clear. If you are experiencing stains then soak in luke warm or cold water in the sink with some washing powder (oxi stain remover if a tough stain) for around 10 minutes before rinsing again and dry pailing for wash day. Hang in Sunlight to dry, don't leave PUL in direct sunlight in warmer temperatures as it may damage the PUL.

Check your not overloading, underloading, or under-dosing your washing powder/machine, too.

How do I stop my CSP slipping?
If you're experiencing slippage when wearing your pads, you might want to try a different material or fit of underwear for when your wearing pads. Silkier material may cause slight slippage. A 'bigger pant' to help with the width of your pad, with a less silky material like cotton could help. This will likely be helpful all the same as single use Sanitary Pads if your making the switch. Snaps should give a more secured fit as apose to the single-use sticky tabs, though. 

Ensure you're using both snaps to fasten your Cloth Sanitary Pad to your underwear, too. This feature is there for maximum adjustability and to stop slippage. 

How To Soften CSP?
Cherrybottoms Cloth Sanitary Pads are super flexible with Bamboo Terry Absorbency which stays soft. Topped with Cotton Velour you should always have softness against your skin. If you'd like, rub two pads together to fluff the material up some more before use.

Do not use fabric softener as this will affect your absorbency.

Why is there two sets of poppers on my CSP?
To minimise slippage of the pad in your underwear. You can adjust the width to be smaller or larger depending which fits best on your underwear.

How does the PUL protect me from leaks?
PUL is a water resistant fabric, which means it can hold in wetness to prevent leaks, should you have a heavier flow then expected, it can back your underwear up with a protective layer.

Which size pad should I choose?
The size guide goes by the amount of absorbency needed. The pads are different sizes for different flow to match coverage needed.

Light Flow - Try The Small CSP.
Regular Flow - Try The Medium CSP. Heavy Flow - Try The Large CSP.

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