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Cherrybottoms Pocket Nappy

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Estimated to fit from 8lb to 35lb with 4 rise settings, our pocket nappy fits super slim with our set of inserts.

The Insert Choices

Choose between:

Bamboo Terry (85% Bamboo, 15% Polyester) Insert Set.


Bamboo Cotton (70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton) Insert Set.

Both Insert choices snap together for ease of organising and stuffing after washing your reusable nappies. 

The Bamboo Cotton Inserts: The Cotton absorbs faster than the Bamboo, meaning this choice may be well suited to babies who hold wee capacity and flood. It is a good absorbent choice which remains fairly soft in all water areas, and provides eight layers of natural absorbency to your little one. 

The Bamboo Terry Inserts: This option has a more affordable price tag if budget is a factor, however fear not, as it is still a natural based choice of good absorbency and stays soft and flexible wash after wash.

Top Tip: Buy Two Pockets and Mix and Match Insert Sets!

The Pocket Shell

The cover is flexible and stretchy, featuring front waist elastics with comfort in mind for your baby/toddler. 

The tabs are slim and PUL lined inside the shell too, meaning there's a little s-t-r-etch. The tabs feature two row fastening poppers on the tabs, crossover snaps to get a good fit on slim waist babies, and a lower stability popper to get a good leg fit, as well as preventing wing droop.

Outer shell is a soft PUL, or our super soft PUL Minky where stated in dropdown description, the Minky has less stretch and feels 'fluffy' to touch. It does not need a cover.

Our pocket is lined with athletic wicking jersey for a stay dry layer against babies bottom, keeping them comfortable and dry. You do not need to add an additional liner unless preference. Athletic wicking jersey is easy to clean messes off.

The Inner features an internal double gusset, which is effective in preventing leaks, and keeping good containment, however still gentle on your little one.

The Cherrybottoms Pocket has a front opening pocket. This means easy stuffing, and easy cleaning too (No dodging messes at a back pocket to spray or scrape/shake your soiled nappies down the loo, and pull out the inserts from the front to be pailed/washed).

 Product Info

Original Pocket Prints: Puffin Dive, Sea the Shark, Burgundy Fall, Royal Ferns, Call of The Wild.


 What's included:

  • Nappy Pocket Cover
  • The 2 Selected Choice Inserts


For a heavy wetter, or to switch inserts up:
Buy our 4 layer Snap-On booster consisting of 4 layers of bamboo terry here

Advice on fit and care can be found here. 

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