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Reusable Cloth Wipes

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1 Pack of 5 (One Pack of Five Wipes)
Soft for Newborn skin, and 'grippy' enough for weaning time, our reusable wipes are One Layer Organic 100 Content Standard Certified Cotton Velour on the one side, and one layer Bamboo Terry (Bamboo 85%, Polyester 15%) on the other side.

The absolute baby essential item for every parent, and an excellent eco-switch even if you aren't using cloth nappies.
Save pennies not buying single-use wipes with our luxury reusable wipes.
Perfect for bottoms, hands or faces.

Size approx. 16cm x 20cm
How to use, store and wash:
1. Give an initial wash upon receiving.
2. Store dry and wet as you go; or store ready to go in a wet bag or reusable tub of choice. You can simply add cool boiled water to help keep them fresh and then squeeze some water out so they're not too wet. 
3. Once used rinse off any mess down the loo, and store in a dry pail such as our Medium Zipper Wet Bag (or your nappy dry pail if you use reusable nappies too).
4. Wash on day 2-3 at 40 degree up to 60 degree with washing powder. Avoid fabric softener.


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Reusable Wipes

The softest wipes I have ever tried. We love them so much ❤️