New to Cloth?

What is a Pocket Nappy?

A pocket nappy consists of two separate parts. The water resistant outer with a 'pocket' opening, for the absorbent inserts. Stuff the absorbency into the opening, and your Pocket Nappy is ready to go!


When will my pocket nappies fit my little one?

Simply change the rise setting using the poppers as demonstrated below, to fit from an estimated 8lb until 35lb.

All our Nappies have Rise Snaps to adjust. You will find specific Weight Ranges on each Nappy Product. 

What is an All in One Nappy? 

An All in One simply means it's ready to go, the absorbent inserts are sewn into the shell. A great choice if you prefer not to stuff pocket nappies. 

What is a Fitted Nappy? 

A Fitted nappy means the nappy requires a cover over the top as apart from the closure snaps, and any stay dry lining, it is fully absorbent!

What is a Nappy Wrap? 

The Water Resistant Outer Shell to go over the top of your Fitted Nappy. 

How do I adjust the size of my nappies? 

Use the poppers on the front panel to adjust the rise (the length of your nappy) as shown below. Push the excess material upwards to tighten the legs. Video here.


How many nappies do I need? 

Our recommendation would be to have 20-25 day nappies, and 5 night nappies, with a wash routine of every second to third day. Hopefully this gives some wiggle room on hanging them to dry. This is based on one child in full time cloth, and line drying. 

How often do I need to change cloth nappies? 

There is no difference between the amount of time between changes using a single use nappy, compared to using a cloth nappy, as long as the absorbency and fit is correct. Newborn's require more regular changes and older babies/toddlers should be changed 2.5/3 hourly (as a estimate only), soiled nappies should of course be changed as soon as they are noticed. 

Is it difficult to care for cloth nappies? 

With a modern washing machine, it is very easy to clean and care for your nappies. You can see our fit & care guide for our own nappies here. 

What to do with the poo? 💩 

If ploppable simply shake down the loo. If not use a bidet sprayer, shower head, or the toilet flush to hold and remove poo with water. Rinse off before dry pailing if needed. 

Our personal method: We own a manual shower, the hose reaches the toilet and we purchased a bidet shower head attachment to spray soiled nappies straight down the toilet.

Did you know? 

Even using disposable nappies you are suppose to put poo down the loo before disposing of a single use nappy in the bin.

If baby is not weaning (i.e. is only having formula milk or breast milk) then their poo is water soluble and doesn't require removal unless preference. 

 Do I need to wash my inserts upto absorbency before using? 

Natural materials need prepping by washing to build the absorbency. You may wash once to remove any manufacturing residue, and then use straight away, however just be aware they will not be up to full absorbency until they have been washed roughly 6-10 times. This also applies to the All in One and Fitted Nappy. 

Can I use my product when it arrives without washing it? 

With any of our products we recommend at least one wash just to remove any manufacturer residue before use. 

What rise should my baby be on? 

Pick the rise which gives baby a comfortable but sealed fit around the legs, and contains well. If you notice deep sock marks, or babies bum crack showing, it's time to change the rise. 

How tight should the waist be? 

Our nappies have front elastics for a comfortable fit. You should feel around the waistband to check the comfort. A slight gap at the front waist is okay when fitting cloth nappies.