Reusable Nappies Are Better For Our Planet!

Reusable Nappies Are Better For Our Planet!

Reusable Nappies have many benefits, and one of them is the environmental impact is lesser than if the use of disposable nappies are chosen. The previous Defra report showed some outdated information, however this new report is a confirmation of what we in the cloth community have known all along, that cloth is better for our planet! 

So, what did it show? 

The new information from Defra regarding The Nappies Life Cycle Assessment of Disposable and Reusable Nappies in 2023 has proven: 

•  Reusable nappies produce 25% less CO2 than single-use disposable nappies.

•  Even when factoring in the washing and drying with reusables, reusable nappies are still the best nappy choice for the environment!

•  The environmental impact of production is over 90% lower for a reusable nappy than for single-use. Just 3.22kg of raw materials are used for reusable nappies VS 128.36kg for disposable nappies.

•  The environmental impact of disposal of a single-use nappy is nine times higher than for that of a reusable nappy. Reusable nappies produce 15.02kg of CO2 compared to 149.24kg of CO2 for disposables. 

To note: The report assumes 2.5 years of use of nappies.

Link to full report here.

Link to the Benefits Of Resusable Nappies here.


What things can you do to ensure your reusable nappy journey has the least carbon footprint on our world?


  •  line dry instead of tumble drying.

The results of doubling the number of reusable nappies being tumble dried will increase the overall impact. However, reusable nappies will still have a lower Global Warming Potential than disposable nappies.

  • Reuse your nappies for a second child (or perhaps give to a relative or friend to use on their baby).

Reuse of nappies for a second child has a more significant impact with the Global Warming Potential reducing by ~6.5%.

  • Use an energy efficient washing machine or tumble dryer.

 We hope you've enjoyed this blog post and if it's given you the courage to give cloth a go then don't forget to sign up to our Newsletter for a sign up discount, or check our our bundle offers! 

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