Why switch to Reusable Baby Wipes?

Why switch to Reusable Baby Wipes?

Reusable Wipes are better for the Environment

We use around 11 billion disposable wipes each year in the UK alone. They are known to be one of the biggest contributors to sewage blockages, shown by Water UK in their 2017 study. Single use wipes are generally not flushable but are unfortunately regularly flushed. When they don't end up in the sewage, they of course end up in landfill still, contributing to landfill gases being released.

You can reduce your household waste by switching to cloth wipes, too. Even if you don't use cloth nappies, reusable wipes can be a great starting point to reducing your single-use daily products. Use for weaning on hands & faces, at change time, or let your toddler use them for when they're potty trained for wee's (great for saving tissue). The uses really are endless once you have them. 

A Better and Faster Clean Up! 

If you've used disposable wipes, you'll know that feeling of trying to pull one out the pack and getting five wipes instead, putting them back into the pack to find you use five wipes a change anyway due to the smooth texture that single use wipes have, they tend to smear mess meaning more wipes are needed! 

Our reusable wipes have a soft cotton velour side for newborn stage, plus a bamboo terry side for weaning stage and beyond. Both sides offer much more grip than the single-use option, cutting down from 5 wipes a change to 1-2 reusable wipes. 

Gentle on skin

Made from natural absorbent materials of Bamboo and Cotton, our wipes provide a chemical free way to get your baby clean. Especially handy for the newborn stage when cotton wool and cool boiled water is recommended. You can simply add cooled kettle water in a tub or squeeze out and pop in a wet bag to use cloth wipes instead. 

Money Saving

 The cost of buying disposable wipes over the years of potty-training baby and beyond is 'wiped' away when you switch to reusables. Cloth wipes can be used for bum changes, weaning, and beyond! 

Buying a set of 40 wipes from Cherrybottoms would set you back just £49.60 - whilst buying disposable wipes works out around 1p per wipe (value supermarket brand) you use, adding up to hundreds of pounds from newborn to toddlerhood.

You can also use them for subsequent children, or re purpose them. They stand up to a lot of mess! 

How to use, store and wash:

1. Give an initial wash upon receiving.

2. Store dry and wet as you go; or store ready to go in a wet bag or reusable tub of choice. You can simply add cool boiled water to help keep them fresh and then squeeze some water out so they're not too wet. 

3. Once used rinse off any mess down the loo, and store in a dry pail such as our Medium Zipper Wet Bag (or your nappy dry pail if you use reusable nappies too).

4. Wash on day 2-3 at 40 degree up to 60 degree with washing powder. 

The only thing to avoid when washing is using fabric condition as the liquid may coat the wipes making them less absorbent over time. 

Looking to give some reusable wipes a go? 

We're glad our blog could help you! 

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