Reasons To Choose Reusable Period Wear

Reasons To Choose Reusable Period Wear

You come across washable products all the time.. from pants to knickers, to all general clothing and more. So let's make it the mainstream to use washable period products and save pennies for the more exciting moments! 

Cloth Sanitary wear has amazing benefits. Here's what we've compiled so far, although we're sure there's more! 

CSP stands for Cloth Sanitary Pad. 

Saving Money 

Although reusable period products can hold a bigger financial layout to start with, they are a one-time purchase for years to come unlike their single use cousins. So once you stock up, you can see the pennies no longer disappear when that time of the month rolls' around again. 


You are ready for your cycle, always. You won't be caught out again needing to rush to the shops for single use period products when you have washable period pads ready to go. You can also easily fit a spare pad or two in a work or hand bag.


That rustling noise in the bathroom and feeling the uncomfortable plastic and chemicals against your intimate area is a thing of the past. Reusable pads offer a quiet change, and having our buttery soft cotton velour against your skin, chemical free!

Many people will experience chaffing with single use pads that they do not with reusable pads. 

Better for the Planet 

Saving room in your waste bin and reducing your overall household waste is a huge benefit of using washable period products, be it reusable cloth sanitary pads, period cups/disks, pants, other or a mixture. 

Did you know?

You could use more than 11,000 disposable period products in your lifetime if you estimate you use around 25 disposable period products per cycle (assuming monthly cycles) and menustrate for an average of 37.5 years. 

Know Your Body

Keeping in touch with your menstrual health is easier to do with a product that you rinse out and wash to re-use.

Supporting Our Artists 

All our Cherrybottoms prints are designed by talented artists whom we commision, so supporting us is supporting them too. And.. they are pretty amazing! ❤️ 

If you are already using washable cloth sanitary pads then you might like to consider our Reusable Wipes too. You can save on your toilet paper usage during your period and wash them the same way as your CSP. 

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