Trouble Shooting Cloth Nappies

Trouble Shooting Cloth Nappies

Whether you use single-use nappies or washable nappies on your baby, it's likely you may experience a couple of leaks here and there. This can be down to a number of reasons of course. 

Generally, cloth nappies are known for containing baby poo very well due to the containment of the back elastics which disposables don't tend to have. If you could do with some more information on leaks, this is the blog for you!

Let's troubleshoot some things to check..

When starting out it may take a little while to get the fit correct. Cloth Nappies sit in the knicker line and have elastics in general at the back waist and legs, and with Cherrybottoms also front waist elastics to protect from those tummy leaks and get the best fit. 

If you have switched/are using Cloth Nappies after Disposables then you may naturally want to fit your nappy far up on babies back, however because of the back elastics on cloth nappies they are designed to fit lower, just above babies bum crack. Use the rise snaps on the front of One Size Fits Most Nappies to adjust the length of the nappy. 

Fit Check

The first step if you encounter leaks would be to do a fit check, you can find our fit guide here, which may help you to fit other nappies still too, even if they aren't Cherrybottoms. 



The second reason may be the absorbency. For example if you're using one insert and getting leaks, try using two. If your using two and the inserts are saturated still and leaks occurring, you may need a little boost for baby still. Cherrybottoms have Pocket Boosters available here although there are many generic boosters available across retailers too. All babies wet differently, and may even have heavier wetting times of the day, so it can be trial and error to get the absorbency for your little one right. 

It is also handy to note the absorbency in which you are using. Use our Handy chart below for more information on this.


Wash Routine

Wash routine may cause leaks for example if you are using fabric softener. Fabric softener is not reccomended as it can coat the absorbent fibers making them repel babies wee rather than absorb, therefore causing leaks. 

We reccomend using washing powder and dosing by the guide on the side of the box depending on your drum size and water hardness. By the end of the wash there shouldn't be too many soap suds as you don't want a build up of detergent. 


Just when you think you have your combo sorted - your little one may start to flood - in other words, they hold the period in-between going for a wee a bit longer which means a higher volume at once. Cotton is a good natural absorbency for flooders.


Here at Cherrybottoms we do not use Microfiber in our nappies, however if you have microfiber in your stash - you may find you get compression leaks where the microfiber absorbs and then let's the fluid flow back out when compressed. Like a sponge I.e. when a child goes into a pram or car seat compression leaks may happen. 

Too Many Boosters?

If inserts and Boosters in your nappy are very saturated when leaks happen then it's unlikely to be over stuffing as the cause of leaks, however if your nappy inserts/boosters aren't saturated but you can't keep the leaks at bay, ensure the amount of inserts in the nappy isn't causing a fit issue. If a nappy is over-stuffed then it may push the elastics away from babies legs too far causing leg gaps rather than the snug (not too tight) knicker line fit you want. 


PUL Damage 

If you are experiencing leaks and none of the resolves are working, though uncommon unless the nappy your using is well used or been accidently damaged, it's best to inspect the PUL. This is the water resistant layer. Check the inside where you can see the laminate area to inspect for any cracks, delamination, or general damage. 


Has this Blog helped you? Let us know if it has in the comments.

If you are using Cherrybottoms products are require any further help please message us for support or email 

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