Our Pocket Nappy

Our Pocket Nappy


Our pocket nappy features a lower hip snap to get the perfect leg fit, double row waist poppers, cross over tabs, and four rise settings. Having four rise settings means this nappy should fit from 8lbs (dependant on babies shape) and grow with them up until an estimated 35lb. 

The pocket shell has front elastics. Created to fit snug and comfy like a pair of pants. 

With athletic wicking jersey inside (giving a staydry layer against babies bottom), and a front opening pocket, this nappy is incredibly easy to clean up once soiled. It also boasts a good containment with it's internal double gusset, which is soft and effective.

The inserts which come with this nappy are natural materials. They come as a set and consist of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, snapping together, to create 8 layers of flat absorbency, or you can fold into the wet zone as needed. 

We chose bamboo cotton as it has great absorbency, is soft, and is not prone to compression leaks. 

We offer additional shaped bamboo boosters which can also snap onto the original boosters, or switch them up as you need. 

We have sourced beautiful artist illustrated prints for our nappies. 

This Pocket nappy has a unique fit, and is suitable for many shaped babies due to it's different features. Designed through love and passion for reusable nappies here by us in the UK. We designed the shell size from scratch, and tested it on our little ones for months before ordering these final products.  

We hope you love our Pocket Nappy!

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