Reusable Nappy Week 2022

Reusable Nappy Week 2022


Ready to make the switch to reusable nappies? Or perhaps planning for a new arrival. This week is the perfect week to get your nappies stocked! 

Reusable Nappy Week - A Week long Awareness week of Cloth Nappies where Brands, Retailers, Cloth Nappy Libraries, Councils and the Community come together to help give the best advice and deals to get started, or kitted out with Reusable Nappies!


From the 25th April until the 2nd May 2022 11.59pm you can use the code: 


and save yourself 30% off our RRP!

Or, check out our Reusable Nappy Week Mystery Bundle.


So, Why choose Reusable Nappies? 

Washable nappies have many benefits, we recently posted a blog on The Benefits of Cloth in full here.


By making the switch to reusable nappies you can help our environment, an eco-conscious switch. In the UK alone 8 million single use nappies are thrown away every day! They contribute to about 3% of all household waste and an astonishing 4000 to 6000 nappies will be used on the average potty-trained baby.
Landfill releases harmful chemicals such as methane and carbon dioxide, so it's clear to see the positive environmental effect that cloth nappies bring. 


Also, Washable nappies provide a means to nappy your baby without chemicals near babies sensitive skin. Unlike single use nappies which use polymer absorbent crystals, cloth nappies use absorbent materials in which you can choose to use natural absorbency like in our pocket nappies, bamboo and cotton. The outer PUL fabric which is the polyester with PUL coating to provide a water resistant (still breathable) is Oeko Tex 100 Standard at Cherrybottoms. This means the textile is tested for any harmful chemicals at our manufacturer.


Cloth Nappies can save you money! Yep, you read that right. Though the outlay is there, we worked out you could save a whopping £521.25p in our benefits to cloth blog, which will currently be EVEN MORE of a saving if purchased in our 30% off reusable nappy week - £618.75 or more.

How many nappies do you need to start? 

We recommend 20-25 day nappies out of the newborn stage. 
You can shop our Award winning Pocket Nappy here. It provides fuss free change times and is easy to clean.

What else will I need?

Shop our Wetbags for out and about! Simply change whilst out, store in your Wet bag until home, and then wash your reusable wet bag for the next outing, popping your cloth nappies into a bigger dry pail at home. 


Products on there way to Cherrybottoms!

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