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  • Absorbent Bamboo Cotton Pocket Inserts

    Cherrybottoms’ pocket nappies are just fabulous! They have everything you may be looking for in a cloth (pocket) nappy: great patterns, tummy elastics, AWJ, double gusset, soft and stretchy PUL, front opening, good drying speed and really absorbent inserts. All this means that they are very easy to fit and easy to clean, while feeling luxurious, without compromising on performance. A well thought through nappy! I’ll be back for more!


  • Pocket Nappy

    Really impressed with the quality of these pocket nappies. The PUL is really soft and silky. Easy to fit. The wicking jersey lining keeps baby dry and cool and is easy to clean when soiled. Inserts are bamboo/cotton mix so natural materials which means no compression leaks. Cotton is really good for absorbing quickly so great for flooding in older babies. Very absorbent - lasts 3 hours easily and we've had no leaks at all. You can tell that lots of thought has gone into the design and materials used.


  • Wet Bags

    We have used our Cherrybottoms Puffin Dive wet bag for over a week now. It is honestly the best wet bag I’ve ever come across. I love that it has two handles instead of just one so I can hang it on to many things more easily! It also has two zip openings so great for separating dirty nappies with say dirty clothes! I love how sturdy it is, the PUL is so soft but so thick and sturdy! I send it to the childminders and even she commented on how nice it was. It’s a 10/10 for me and I will be ordering another one for sure. Thanks Cherrybottoms ❤️


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